Facts That You Should Know About Piso fares

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Piso fare refers to the promotional offering of an airline called Cebu Pacific. A Philippine-based airline known for its cheap flights. That’s right folks! A peso for a flight and it doesn’t get anymore cheaper than that. If you know the conversion of them to your local currency then you will know that it doesn’t cost that much.

Bow, you might be wondering, “how on earth are they even going to get any income out of that?” Considering that hundreds of slots are being offered for such a sale. Surely you realized that piso for a fare is simply not that realistic, and it’s really not. So just t set your expectations. Below are a few things that you should know about Cebu Pacific piso fares.

They only cover seat fare: As mentioned in their promotion, its piso fare, its only for the fare but the other add ons will still be charged at a normal rate. Like your seats, fuel charges, baggage, insurance and so on. Although its no longer a piso, at least it’s still a very cheap flight that many people are gunning for.

You Need to be early: When piso fare starts, you should expect that the website where you are booking your flight with Cebu Pacific will lag for the most part. This is because many people are waiting for those seat sales all year round and whenever the seat sale starts millions of people immediately tries to visit the site to book their flights. The reason for this is because the site only caters to an estimated number of visitors at the same time and if there are more people visiting than the advised bandwidth, it’s going to lag.

cheap hotelsOnly a limited number of seats are under this promotion: One of the reasons why many people are trying to get the seats first is because piso fare only applies to a specific number of seats. Once the seats are all taken the piso fare is over. If you don’t want to miss your chance in snagging a good seat, then you need to be proactive and be as early as possible.

A piso fare is a very popular promotional offering by a popular airline company in the philippines called Cebu Pacific. It’s just a peso! Although it might sound promising its not a walk in the park. Simply because you are not the only person waiting for a piso fare and its just a limited number of seats. There are people are waiting for it for a year! So if you really want that seat you have to work for it.