Know the causes of acne

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Acne is one of the common issue all over the world. Almost 60% of the teenagers will be experiencing this acne issue. The reason for having acne is multifactorial. You cannot find the exact casus of acne, every person has every different reason. The below points will be helpful for you to know the cause of having acne:

Skin care products:

In today’s world, almost half of the population is using skin care products to protect their skin from extreme heat or cold, or to brighten their skin and for many other reasons. Not all the products in the market are good to use. There are some kind of products which may cause skin irritation and leads to acne. So it is your responsibility to find the best and safe product for your skin. It is also better to use some natural essential oils for your skin like CBD oil, this will be the best medication to get rid of acne and scars.

Your occupation:

Where do you work? If you are working in the place like construction company or manufacture field, you will be obviously getting acne, this is because the chemical pollutant present there will cause acne.  So it is your duty to take care of your skin when you are working in one of these fields.


Hormonal changes:

This is one of the natural causes which we cannot do anything. Acnes may comes due to the hormonal changes in your body. Normally a person may experience the changes in the age of 15 and above. This is one of the main reason why many of the teenagers gets acne.

Food habit:

This is also one of the notable cause. Many people have allergy for oil food items and fast food items. Having such foods may produces acne. Hence it is your duty to take care of your food habits. If you control this you will get rid of the acnes.


If your mommy or daddy have acnes then there are possibilities that you will get this. This is because of the same genes present in your body.

These are some of the causes which may produce acne. There are many treatments available in today’s world. Hence there is no need to worry about it . You can easily get rid of it by using or taking proper treatment and medicines.