Lot more to know about energy management software

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There are numerous other benefits of using energy management software to reduce energy expenditures and usage, but they frequently go overlooked by decision-makers when it comes to upgrading new technologies. Here are some of the advantages of energy system software:

 Strategies for reducing peak demand

Peak demand reduction strategies help in lowering energy consumption, lowering your carbon footprint, and lowering the overall cost of energy for your business. These peak demand reduction measures can be implemented with the help of energy management software. The program will help building operators in finding peak demand and how they can negatively affect a company’s bottom line through a high utility bill.

Some businesses may readily assess their energy usage, but larger operations with a lot of moving gear will have a harder time.

The first step will be to use energy system software to determine which machine, room, building, or facility is consuming excessive amounts of electricity and energy at various times of the day. Once you have this knowledge, the next step is to implement best practices to reduce it. Some of the most effective peak demand reduction measures are as follows:

  • Scheduling: It is the process of distributing your energy at varied periods.
  • New machinery: Find poor equipment and seek a replacement. It is because newer equipment consumes less energy.
  • Use of batteries: If your organization is at risk of experiencing an energy shortage during peak hours, keep charged batteries on hand. You can ensure that some facilities draw electricity from these batteries during peak load to help minimize power consumption stress.
  • Energy from alternative sources: Solar panels can create your own power through natural sources and rely less on your utility provider’s electrical grid.

Identify incorrect set points

Ensure that your lighting systems are tuned so that your building operates at peak efficiency while keeping your staff and the equipment comfortable by always reducing unnecessary energy spend.

The technique of charging for individually measured utility usage is known as submetering. Submetered data in a building management scenario provides greater way into which sectors of the organization use the most energy.

Also, load shifting allows you to change your energy usage from one time period to another on a regular basis. This is performed by utilizing the energy generated during non-peak hours and utilizing it during peak hours to manage any stress or additional assistance that is required.