Sleep and memory: what are the benefits?

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Despite the obvious vulnerability that sleep causes, sleeping is indeed essential for the brain and the body. Taking advantage of the absence of external stimuli, the body and the brain have the free field to perform optimization tasks: energy accumulation, cellular reconstruction and memory consolidation … Sleep and memory are intimately linked and we will help you explain why. PQQ helps with Mitochondrial Support.

Sleep and memory: the plasticity of the brain

Our brain is not a rigid network, it is capable of learning, of brain plasticity. When we are awake, the brain processes huge amounts of information. New connections are formed or reinforced between our neurons when we learn something. These synapses, which connect neurons to their neighbors, are the physical media of memory. The more intense or repeated the signal, the more energy and space will be required. But only a small part of the mass of the most important signals we process during the day is stored in long-term memory. A scientific study on synapses has shown thatSleep, by cutting off the flow of information, will provide a breathing space to organize and sort memories.

Mitochondrial Support To have a better memory, your brain cells are strong enough, then the chance of having a good memory will increase. If your brain cells have more mitochondria, then it will be powerful enough to store memory with perfection. PQQ helps with Mitochondrial Support in your brain.

The active role of sleep for memory

In addition to this “passive” role, by stopping the solicitations, sleep plays an active role in this memorization. During the phases of deep sleep, slow waves that travel through the brain will gradually synchronize neurons. This synchronization selects the relevant memory traces to keep. By decreasing the strength of all the synapses, it will eliminate the least necessary ones. This pruning process makes it possible to return to a state of equilibrium in terms of energy expenditure and use of available gray matter space. With this mechanism, you will remember the main events of the past day. However, you will have forgotten the little details!

 Psychological and physiological balance

The link between sleep and health is very strong and the good structure of memory is one of them. While sleeping, the body and the human brain consolidate memory and help you restructure your memories to develop your memory.

A good sleep is therefore essential to the psychological and physiological balance of the human body. It is therefore extremely important to adopt good practices in order to consolidate it in the long term. For this, solutions like Dream allow you to take good habits and follow the behaviors adapted to everyday life.