GDAX – Highly Reputed Network to Trust

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GDAX is the leading cryptocurrency platform that was initiated in 2016. This exchange is the sister trading network of other popular cryptocurrency exchange named Coinbase. That is based over San Francisco, GDAX platform is been geared towards highly professional and experienced traders. Since the inception, gdax also has earned the reputation for being the most reliable and trustworthy platform.

The GDAX & Coinbase are the sister platforms, and Coinbase’s account holders will log on GDAX’s platform by using the Coinbase account. As the international exchange, which is based in US, and GDAX is the cryptocurrency exchanges, which is insured in FDIC. It means that your funds will be insured over maximum sum of $250,000. Naturally, they are the cryptocurrency exchanges, which are very appealing to the traders from developed economies.

GDAX Platform

GDAX exchange is an old Coinbase exchange that is used for the trading Bitcoin however was been re-launched by the Coinbase in the year 2016 for accommodating more cryptocurrency pairs like Ethereum pairs.  Essentially, layout of this platform is designed in a way to make sure that functionalities are in simple reach. As GDAX trading network is been geared towards the professional level traders, this is made to accommodate many kinds of the markets orders like following below:

1. Fill or Kill

2. Buy Order

3. Immediate or Cancel

4. Good ‘Til Cancelled

5. Post Only

6. Limit Order

7. Stop Order

8. Sell Order

Unlike the sister platform Coinbase and GDAX supports the margin trading. That depends upon kind of the cryptocurrency; available leverage is around 2 times – 3 times invested amount.