How Can You Make Money With Bitcoin And Cryptocurrencies?

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Let’s start simple, what is currency? Well we can say that currency is the agreed terms of purchase that is approved by the people and is regulated by the central government. All of these are controlled by an official order.

Then there is another type of currency that is not approved or regulated by the government. Since it is accepted by majority of the people, this type of currency is in circulation. Ultimately currency is just an idea that is backed by confidence. Confidence of the people. There have been many incidences of demonetization across the countries in recent times.

Why crypto currencies?

Crypto was derived from the word- ‘Cryptography’. This is a technique used to secure and hide information among many other things. With crypto currencies, you will be able to control how your money is made, how you would be able to hide the identities of your users, and how you will be able to protect your users.


Bitcoin (ビットコイン)

Well now it’s time for you to understand what (bitcoin) ビットコイン is. Bitcoin is a type of crypto currency. It is the most widely accepted form of crypto currencies. Developed by Satoshi Nakamoto, bitcoin has been a huge hit ever since it entered the market. Now nobody knows who or what Satoshi Nakamoto is. He has been MIA ever since Bitcoin took off.

Why Bitcoin?

One nig advantage that Bitcoin has over many others is that Bitcoin promoted peer to peer transactions. You do not have to make any transactions through any 3rd party. All transactions are made directly.

You should invest some time and money in Bitcoins as they are the currencies of the present and future.